Our mission is to cultivate a partnership with all of our customers, vendors and employees that will bring a total satisfaction to all at the end of the day, every day! We do this by only providing the highest quality of products and parts. We are committed to supporting our customers with outstanding service centers and educating them with a knowledgeable support staff.


The MacQueen Equipment Group touches the lives of each and every household throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa. From the time you wake up, turn on your faucet, take out the trash, and drive to work, you can be sure that the MacQueen Equipment Group has had an impact on your community’s ¬†infrastructure and daily quality of life.

In 1961, Jack MacQueen, a St. Louis County Engineer, took a chance late in his career when he acquired the Elgin product line and began selling street sweepers. He built the roots of our St. Paul, MN location with MacQueen Equipment, Inc and developed a culture of quality products, service, and relationships.

The MacQueen Equipment Group formed over past 10 years as MacQueen expanded our footprint into surrounding states. MacQueen acquired Bruce Equipment in Wisconsin and Trans Iowa Equipment in Iowa. In 2008, Nebraska Environmental Products was founded as a part of the MacQueen Equipment Group. Most recently, the MacQueen Emergency Group was founded as an authorized Pierce fire truck dealer.

The MacQueen Equipment Group recently expanded to our new group headquarters in St. Paul’s east side. We will continue to add to our success as we grow and build strong relationships within our new neighborhood. We continue to take pride in serving the municipalities and contractors working hard to care for you communities every day.