ADDCO PTS-2000 Portable Traffic Signal

Traffic control needs vary depending on the location of a job or emergency. A rapid deployment portable traffic signal like the JTI ADDCO PTS-2000 has a narrow footprint that works for nearly every circumstance and allows your crew, county, or force to maintain safe and consistent traffic patterns for motorists, pedestrians, and workers.addco-pts-2000-portable-traffic-signal

Features of the ADDCO PTS-2000 Portable Traffic Signal

The state-of-the-art ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal makes it possible to set up traffic control in minutes. There are many benefits to this versatile and fast-deploying equipment:

  • Compact footprint: Ideal fit in even the tightest work zones
  • Durable: Strong 2×4 tubular steel construction and certified for 90mph wind load
  • Automatic: Mast and arm can be deployed with the flip of a switch
  • Secure: Retractable and lockable tongue for added safety at the job site
  • Safe: Automatic features keep workers safely at roadside and out of traffic during deployment
  • Level: Heavy-duty outrigger jacks and jack extensions level the trailer and eliminate blocking when deploying in deep ditch cuts and uneven terrains
  • High visibility: LED trailer light configuration provides superior illumination on fenders to improve safety, especially during dusk or dawn deployments
  • Self-contained power supply: Weatherproof lockable battery box contains a bank of eight batteries
  • Sustainable: Equipped with two 160-watt solar panels that can be tilted 45 degrees and swiveled for maximum sun exposure to help keep signals charged during project duration, making it ideal for northern locations or areas with low sunlight
  • Uncomplicated: Illuminated battery voltage meter on exterior of control cabinet door enables user to quickly see battery voltage status without opening the cabinet
  • Sophisticated: Includes the easiest to use and most advanced signal controller technology available, the Galaxy Controller, which can drive a single temporary signal or an entire network of up to 30 signal trailers
  • Adaptable: Signal is configured to meet a job’s exact requirements and can be programmed to store everything from simple flagger functions to complex 16-phase intersections
  • Wireless: Features wireless programing and operation, monitors and manages power consumption, and stores a library of programs for a complete range of traffic control scenarios
  • Remote monitoring: Monitor in real time, 24/7, using phone, tablet, or computer and program to send text or email alerts if issues arise

Beyond its extensive capabilities and features that come standard, the ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal is also available with a full range of options, including different signal head configurations, additional batteries and solar panels, multiple sensors, ER vehicle preemption, pedestrian capabilities, Galaxy wait time and fault display system, Galaxy clear time extender system, and Galaxy remote monitoring system.

Specifications of the ADDCO PTS-2000

The electric mast on the space-saving ADDCO PTS-2000 can be raised into position with the flip of one switch. Here are the specifications when fully deployed or stowed:

  • Transport height (pavement to highest point on trailer): 8’5”
  • Deployed height (pavement to bottom of upper signal head): 17’6”
  • Deployed height (pavement to bottom of lower signal head): 9’7”
  • Width (at widest point): 7’
  • Length (tongue extended): 16’6”
  • Length (tongue stowed): 12’5”
  • Length (tandem tow configuration): 28’8”
    Distance (lateral spacing between signal heads): 10’7”
  • Distance (between edge of trailer and upper signal head): 9’7”
  • Distance (between pavement and top of upper signal head): 12’4”
  • Gross weight: 3,040 lbs

Get Your JTI ADDCO PTS-2000 Portable Traffic Signal at Bell Equipment

From traffic back-ups to special events, one-lane work zones to bridge repair, the JTI ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal is a smart addition to any fleet, whether it is used for daily, long-term, or hourly emergency traffic control. Contact Bell Equipment, trusted JTI dealer in Michigan and Ohio, to talk about your traffic control needs.

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