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Environmentally Friendly: Waterless Mechanical Sweepers for Street Maintenance

October 14, 2020

Street sweeping is a critical component of community care. It is an environmental necessity, since street sweeping not only removes dirt, dust, and debris from streets, it prevents unwanted materials from flowing into storm drains. Street sweeping is a method of water pollution prevention, and it minimizes backups and flooding. Selecting a waterless mechanical sweeper further minimizes your operation’s carbon footprint, whether you’re sweeping roads, parking lots, job sites, or other areas.

Benefits of a Waterless Mechanical Sweeper

Mechanical sweepers are also known as broom sweepers because a main broom is used to pick up debris. Whatever materials are gathered are then sent to a conveyor before landing in the hopper. Waterless mechanical sweepers, however, deliver incredible environmental benefits that a traditional broom sweeper cannot:

  • Significant water conservation
  • Increase operations productivity by eliminating the need for untimely filling of water tanks
  • Allow for year-round sweeping
  • Minimize dust emissions by picking up fine particles
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate use of water on reactive compounds

The dry sweep performance of a waterless sweeper is exceptional, and these machines are especially ideal for the winter weather and road conditions in Michigan. Road salt, sand, and cinders are picked up quickly and efficiently. With the help of the right mechanical sweeper, cold-weather sweeps keep roads clear and minimize the labor needed during spring clean-up – all without the use of water.

Two Waterless Mechanical Sweeper Options

Sweepers that control dust without using water are rare, but the patented Waterless Dust Control System of the Elgin broom sweepers do just that. Elgin brand waterless mechanical sweepers are state-of-the-art machines that can be selected for just the right size and performance to serve your specific purpose. Two of the most successful and popular waterless sweepers include the following:

  • Eagle: The Elgin Eagle is a four-wheel mechanical broom sweeper with variable high-dump capabilities and a wide sweep path that can move at highway transport speeds. Its dual-mode air suspension system allows the operator to shift from a solid rear axle for dumping stability to a fully sprung chassis for comfort and control. Ideal for neighborhoods, parking lots, and city streets, the Eagle is all about efficiency and productivity and minimizes fugitive dust emissions, reduces road silt left from water-based sweepers, and compacts unit clean-up times.
  • Pelican: The Elgin Pelican is a three-wheel sweeper with an isolated cab for a clean, quiet operation. Easy to maneuver with single-lane dumping, this compact machine is economical in size but still easily handles heavy, compacted dirt and bulky debris. This waterless model has a dust skirting system, dust separator in the hopper, and a dust control fan with a maintenance-free filter that work together to control fugitive dust without the use of spray water. The Pelican is also available with a compressed natural gas configuration, further enhancing the green nature of this alternative-fuel, single-engine machine.

Elgin mechanical sweepers are available in both new and used models from Bell Equipment, the trusted company that serves street maintenance professionals and municipalities in Michigan. Contact Bell Equipment today to discuss the right Elgin sweeper for your community and customer needs.