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Envirosight Cameras: See Inside Sewers Before Cleaning

April 1, 2021

Before utility companies or wastewater management teams can clean any sewers, they must be able to see what’s going on inside of them first. Envirosight cameras make it possible to inspect sewer pipes, view what’s causing a blockage, and determine whether any problems will be encountered during routine maintenance.

The Necessity of Regular Sewer Cleanings

Without sewer cleanings, sewer and stormwater drains will not operate properly and effectively. Sewer cleanings remove unwanted materials from pipes and drains, including:

  • Grease
  • Sludge build-up
  • Leaves and dirt
  • Non-biodegradable debris

Ideally, you want your sewer cleaning to be maintenance work and nothing more but, sometimes, emergency callouts for overflowing or damaged lines are the reality. These must be handled with care, quickly and efficiently but also strategically.

Benefits of Routine Sewer Pipe Maintenance

What may seem like insignificant additions to a sewer system can turn into a big problem when allowed to build up over time, like small debris and grease. Street sweepers can only do so much of the work – ultimately, sewers collect a lot of detritus and backups occur. Of course, there are also big problems like poorly installed or damaged pipes that create problems too.

When sewer systems undergo routine cleanings and inspections, many problems can be prevented, including:

  • Blockages
  • Clogs
  • Overflows
  • Costly repairs
  • Traffic backup or rerouting

Ideally, sewer cleanings and inspections occur every 18 to 22 months, but this will depend on the age of the sewer system, pipe diameter, season of the year, and the impact from tremors and vibrations of nearby roadways or those directly overhead. These are all stressors that can have great consequences for the condition of a sewer. Having a maintenance plan in place is essential, especially to check for pipeline deterioration and unwanted materials.

Choosing a Sewer Camera

There are many methods for cleaning sewer systems, including hydro jetting, flushing, rodding, chemicals application, biological products, poly pig capsules, and bucket machines. Every method has its own pros and cons depending on the size, location, and age of the sewer system in question. But knowing what to use can only begin when you can see what’s going on inside the pipes first.

  • Envirosight Rovver X: Powerful, versatile, smart, agile sewer inspection crawler. Steerable, six-wheel system that can maneuver past obstacles to deliver the clearest picture of sewer conditions.
  • Quickview Air HD: High-powered zoom optics for quick inspection and optimized for productivity and avoidance of confined space entry.
  • Verisight Pro: Smart push camera for clear, quick diagnosis for troubleshooting and drain inspection. Outfitted with crisp clear footage and powerful digital zoom.
  • Envirosight Jetscan: HD video nozzle for quick diagnosis and solution. Instant views of structural conditions and pipe maintenance.
  • Cleverscan: Rapid, comprehensive, automated manhole inspections using HD cameras and 3D visualization. Sophisticated technology offers comprehensive image detail and fully automated scans in minutes.

Bell Equipment serves sewer professionals and municipalities in Michigan and Ohio and offers a range of Envirosight cameras to help you maintain what goes on underground. Contact Bell Equipment today to discuss the sewer inspection cameras and equipment that are right for your community or business needs.