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HD Video Nozzle: Must-Have Underground Equipment

May 21, 2021

When your job is to prevent or diagnose problems that are happening underground, you need equipment that will give you the best possible views. The right HD video nozzle offers sophisticated imaging of what’s going on in sewers or drain lines so you can thoroughly clear obstructions or perform regular maintenance effectively.

Benefits of an HD Video Nozzle

You need to be able to see what’s causing a blockage in a drain line or sewer before you can choose the most effective tools to blast through it, deploy proper troubleshooting techniques, and prevent the issue from happening again.

The Envirosight Jetscan is a versatile, dependable HD video nozzle that offers a host of benefits:

  • Collect before and after footage of what’s going on underground
  • Avoid the need for a crawler
  • Identify collapses, root balls, protruding taps, and other risks before putting valuable equipment in a compromised area
  • Get instant video footage via tablet and save for future review
  • Eliminate the need for a CCTV crew
  • Select the best nozzle to handle the blockage thanks to a clear view of the problem
  • Identify the problem before calling on specific crews so you rely on the right team
  • Scan the affected area to ensure all safety precautions are taken before crews enter or engage

The HD Details Matter

There is a difference between seeing things underground and seeing them in HD. The details matter when you’re dealing with deep, dark problems under roads and ground, within sewers and pipes. You need to see every little thing so you can identify clogs, pinpoint repairs, and ensure that the right measures are taken to deliver a solution.

A sophisticated HD video nozzle like the Jetscan offers an incredible amount of visual information for diagnosis of problems and is easy to use, especially in tight quarters.

  • Available in two sizes down to 6’
  • Threads to any jetter hose
  • Cable-free design
  • Handy and compact
  • Documents pipe condition in high definition
  • Wireless recharging
  • Welded stainless construction
  • Sealed pressurized design
  • Shadowless, high-intensity LEDs
  • Self-leveling skid

The Jetscan is also equipped with the SewerLink app for easy viewing, recording, and uploading of footage directly to WinCan Web for instant streaming and simple sharing and analysis. Using a Jetscan is like standing right beside the underground problem and seeing the complication with your own two eyes. And an onboard SD card makes it possible to store hours of video for future reference.

Eliminate the Need for a Crawler

If you could eliminate one piece of equipment and still advance your problem-solving and troubleshooting efforts for underground complications, wouldn’t you make that choice? An HD video nozzle like the Jetscan is compact and gets to the problem area while identifying hazards and protrusions along the way that could put your team and equipment at risk. See everything you need to see before you go underground.

Get your Envirosight Jetscan HD video nozzle from Bell Equipment, trusted dealer of Envirosight sewer inspection cameras. For help determining which model is right for your needs, contact Bell Equipment to discuss all equipment options.