Cargill AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker

Road maintenance crews that prefer brine know the advantage of this salt and water mixture – it stays in place better and doesn’t bounce like salt crystals. Brine, in short, is one of the most effective ways to keep roads free of ice and snow. The big question is: What’s the best way to manufacture the brine? The Cargill AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker NXT-Gen is the machine of choice for many road maintenance crews.

Features of the Upgraded Cargill AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker

hero-AccuBrine-NXT-Gen-600x300-1When it comes to the most economical and effective solution for combatting snow and ice on roads, brine is growing in popularity, along with the systems that are designed to make it. The AccuBrine is a fully automated, sophisticated brine production system that delivers:

  • Accuracy: Made with tank-level management logic for better truck loading accuracy, the AccuBrine also tallies batches, allowing the user to generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports of who has used the machine and how much.
  • Advanced technology: The operator interface screen layout and PLC program providers a clean screen navigation that is easy to use. One operator can fill the brine maker with salt and operate the unit with a flick of an “on” switch, telling the unit to produce the desired concentration and amount of brine.
  • Remote access: Remote access improves troubleshooting capabilities so the brine maker can be operated and monitored remotely via mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Adaptability: Whatever the changes in weather or road conditions, the AccuBrine is equipped to adapt to your needs, easily connecting to the AccuBrine blend truck loading and blending system.
  • Versatility: The AccuBrine can mix multiple additives with a user’s brine, allowing freedom to create various recipes that ensure readiness for whatever Mother Nature delivers. This includes hot brines and an easy connection to the AccuBrine blend truck loading and blending system.
  • Efficiency: The powerful pump is capable of producing 6,000 gallons per hour – or 200 gallons per minute – through a stainless steel cast and stainless impeller.
  • Strength and durability: Manufactured from marine-grade fiberglass to withstand the harsh, corrosive nature of salt, water, and all winter weather conditions.
  • Self-cleaning: Other brine makers require risky, time-consuming manual labor, but the AccuBrine system notifies the operator of the necessary cleanout, rinses itself out, and directs runoff to a designated area through the sloped floor, a 15-minute process. The AccuBrine’s automatic cleanout operation save on time and labor costs.

Invest in an AccuBrine for Long-Term Cost Savings

Manual requirements for producing homemade brine with other systems can be costly, but the AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker NXT-Gen’s automated process is effective in producing an accurate, effective blend of salt with the push of one button. The AccuBrine is an upfront investment that, over time, delivers long-term savings:

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Minimizes production time
  • Decreases the need for manual labor
  • Reduces deicing applications of regular road salt

Many municipalities see a decrease in operating expenses after just one season with the AccuBrine. By pretreating roads with salt brine, less solid deicing product is needed to melt ice and clear roads, further saving on labor, fuel vehicle maintenance, and solid product expenses. Ultimately, the AccuBrine is a cost-effective investment for winter maintenance operations.

Get Your AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker from Bell Equipment

The AccuBrine automated brine maker is available from Bell Equipment as a reliable brand and product in our winter weather maintenance inventory. If you are ready to say goodbye to straight salt and water, contact Bell Equipment, trusted AccuBrine dealer in Michigan and Ohio, to talk about your winter road maintenance needs.