Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper

Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper

Elgin sweepers are a trusted brand in the street maintenance sweeper industry. From municipal crews to individual street sweepers, professionals recognize the superior performance of a machine like the Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper. This state-of-the-art system was designed for superior operator comfort and outstanding sweeper performance – and it’s available at Bell Equipment, the premier municipal and refuse equipment house serving Michigan and Ohio.

The Features of Elgin Eagle Street Sweepers

Elgin Eagle sweepers are four-wheel mechanical broom sweepers with incredible capabilities, including:

  • Variable high-dump capabilities
  • Highway transport speeds
  • No-jam conveyor
  • Optional elevator squeegee system
  • Wide-sweep path
  • Industry-proven variable height lift system

The Eagle is built on a conventional or cab-over commercial chassis and features a dual mode air suspension system that allows an operator to shift from a solid rear axle for dumping stability to a fully sprung chassis for operator comfort and control during high-speed transport. Whether you’re working in a neighborhood, parking lot, or city street, the Elgin Eagle makes the job manageable.

The Waterless Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper

The Waterless Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper is intended for year-round sweeping. This model was designed to conserve water and minimize dust emissions simultaneously, making it an environmentally friendly machine.

A sweeper that controls dust without using water is a rare thing, but the incredible sweep performance of the Eagle and the patented Waterless Dust Control System it’s equipped with have proven dry sweep performance and low dust emissions.

Since there is no water, it is possible for operators to use the Waterless Elgin Eagle even in freezing weather conditions. This makes the pick-up of winter road salt, sand, and cinders fast and efficient. Consistent clean-ups and sweeps in the cold-weather month make spring clean-up significantly less labor intensive.

The Waterless Eagle is all about efficiency and productivity. This sweeper offers the following to its users:

  • Increases operations productivity by eliminating untimely filling of water tanks
  • Eliminates mud build up on sweeper components
  • Reduces unit clean-up times
  • Reduces water usage footprint
  • Reduces road silt left from water-based, dust-controlled sweepers
  • Minimizes fugitive dust emissions thanks to patented waterless technology.

The Industrial Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper

The Industrial Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper also offers a waterless advantage and reliable Elgin performance with year-round sweeping capabilities. A robust sweeper with superior digging power, the Eagle adds to its counterparts the following perks:
  • Dual cab controls for ease of operation
  • Ability to pick up debris up to 9 inches in size
  • Variable height side-dump hopper with side shift

With impressive maneuverability, highway transport speeds, and the patented Waterless Dust Control System, the Industrial model easily handles heavy, compacted dirt and bulky debris as well as smaller particles common to industrial applications. The pick-up of fine particles is impressive and the sweeping allows for the safe removal of water reacting materials.

Choose Bell Equipment to Supply Your Elgin Eagle Sweeper

Elgin remains the most trusted name in the sweeper industry, delivering quality products, patented capabilities, and reliable machines for municipalities and industries. If you are seeking a new or used street maintenance sweeper, contact Bell Equipment, trusted dealer of Elgin products in Michigan and Ohio.