Elgin Road Wizard Street Sweeper

Elgin Road Wizard

The Elgin Road Wizard street sweeper is built for the most demanding jobs. One of the most powerful mechanical sweepers on the market, the Road Wizard has great stability and trouble-free operation that can move through any heavy conditions. This Elgin model is available from Bell Equipment, the premier municipal and refuse equipment house serving Michigan and Ohio.

Features of the Elgin Road Wizard

The Elgin Road Wizard is a robust mechanical broom sweeper that has:

  • Double-scissors lifting mechanism
  • Low-emission, dual-engine design
  • 360-gallon water tank
  • Superior dust control
  • Large hopper side shift for maximizing dump truck/container payload distribution
  • Uniform dumping
  • Squeegee or no-jam belt conveyor system

Increased operator efficiency and productivity are a given with the Road Wizard, and the latest technology helps deliver superior results on every job. Mounted on commercial cab-over or conventional chassis, the most demanding sweeping applications can be tackled by this model while maintaining operator simplicity.

High Productivity Sweep System

The Road Wizard has one of the most powerful standard auxiliary engines available on a mechanical sweeper and an easy-access control console with tactile-feel surfaces allows for quick, productive, safe operation. Other perks of this high-performing system:
  • Dual free-floating gutter brooms that adjust to variable road surfaces
  • 10-foot sweep path
  • Powerful free-floating direct-drive main broom
  • Reliable and complete pickup of debris

Advanced Broom Functionality

The main broom is a free-floating trailing arm that offers benefits like:
  • Conforms to road contours
  • Works at variable speeds
  • Automatic settings for down pressure
  • Guards against premature wear
  • Cab-controlled functions for main broom lift, lower, and down-pressure
  • Sealed and self-aligning arm bearings for self-adjustment during uneven loads
The side brooms have a 46-inch trailing arm and deliver four-way motion and protection against damaging impacts as well as:
  • Hydraulic lift and extension control
  • Enhanced performance
  • Steel plate disc construction
  • Variable broom speeds
  • Automatic settings for down pressure and digging pressure
  • Superior digging and sweep performance

Big Benefits of the Road Wizard

The Road Wizard boasts the following powerful features:

  • Patented squeegee conveyor on a steel roller chain
  • Low-emission auxiliary engine with 50-gallon fuel capacity
  • Powerful hydraulic system
  • Large, variable height debris hopper
  • Memory Sweep feature to resume all previous settings with one touch
  • Designed for simple, easy-access maintenance
While any Elgin machine comes with all the bells and whistles an operator could need, there are always optional enhancements available to make your work even easier and more efficient, including:
  • Lighting packages, including strobes, beacons, and arrow sticks
  • LifeLiner hopper system specially designed to improve life, durability, and functionality
  • In-cab side broom tilt and extended reach for on-the-go pitch adjustment
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Front spray bar
  • M-10 compliance package

Elgin conveyors are designed to be interchangeable should a customer have different applications throughout the sweep season.

Get an Elgin Road Wizard Street Sweeper from Bell Equipment

Elgin takes an application-based approach to solving customers’ sweeping needs by offering multiple sweeping technologies, so the machine you choose fits your specifications, from the type of truck to engine configuration, fuel requirements to optional extras.

Built clean and backed for life, Elgin sweepers are unmatched quality on roads, parking lots, construction sites, and beyond. All machines are manufactured in an ISO:9001 certified plant and quality inspected and functionally tested prior to shipment.

Rely on the most trusted brand in the street sweeper industry to supplement your fleet. Buy quality, reliable Elgin from Bell Equipment, dealer of Elgin machines in Michigan and Ohio. Contact us to discuss your needs.