Envirosight Cleverscan

Manhole inspections are all about productivity, details, and results. The Envirosight Cleverscan makes rapid, automated manhole inspections a reality and you need reliable equipment that will help you quickly see what is going on underground. Once positioned over a manhole, the press of a single button on the Cleverscan initiates a scan sequence and the speed of the system supports the inspection of up to 50 manholes a day.envirosight-cleverscan

Features of the Envirosight Cleverscan

You stay aboveground while the Envirosight Cleverscan sees underground for you. Its manhole scanning features are many and include the following:
  • 5 HD cameras
  • 3D visualization
  • Strobing LEDs for bright, evenly lit scans
  • Laser measurement
  • Rangefinder senses manhole depth to control camera descent
  • Complete scan sequence with the press of a button
  • Adjustable tripod sits securely in manhole ring and adjusts to uneven pavement
  • Fully automated scans in 2 to 3 minutes

Automated for maximum productivity, this underground camera can perform a full day’s work with just one battery charge. The Cleverscan can be deployed practically anywhere with just one operator, it’s that compact and easy to use.

When you inspect more manholes in a day, your cost per manhole drops. The Cleverscan’s portable design makes it easy to deploy from any small utility vehicle. Overhead costs stay low.

Sophisticated Software for Seeing Underground

Flexible for easy integration, the sophisticated configuration of the Cleverscan offers software that shows every manhole view possible and delivers benefits such as:

  • Bundled software for easy review of manhole conditions
  • Accelerometers allow software to compensate for torsional and pendular motion
  • Capture high-res image data that is stitched together into a single scan
  • Seamless integration with WinCan inspection reporting and asset management software
  • Complies with MACP
  • Interfaces with ArcGIS

Comprehensive Cleverscan Manhole Views

You can capture every detail from every inch of the manhole wall through the advanced technology offered by the Cleverscan:

  • Conduct fully automated flat scan in minutes
  • View comprehensive image details
  • See as far as 31 feet into manholes
  • Use dense point cloud for 3D visualization and CAD
  • Employ a virtual environment for offline pan/tilt/zoom navigation

Manholes are a critical part of every sewer system, but they are not only a pathway to the underground. There are many manholes that are damaged, decayed, or need immediately replacement or rehabilitation for safety issues of workers and citizens. The Cleverscan’s precise information allows you to see what condition a manhole is in and capture visual and dimensional data so you can pinpoint any measures that need to be taken following the inspection.

Get Your Envirosight Cleverscan from Bell Equipment

Envirosight is the name that’s known in the industry when it comes to high-functioning sewer cameras. They have mastered a collection of dependable, portable tools that allow for clear views and are easy to use, even for just one person. Diagnose the underground conditions in your municipality or city so intervention and repairs can be made speedily.

Contact Bell Equipment, trusted Envirosight dealer in Michigan and Ohio, to learn more about the Cleverscan and all other Envirosight cameras. The Cleverscan is the most affordable automated manhole scanner on the market and contributes significantly to keeping operating costs low.