Envirosight Quickview airHD Sewer Camera

Understanding sewer conditions rapidly is necessary, especially in an emergency. Diagnosis of a problem, however, is not always easy unless you have the right tools. Envirosight Quick Air ViewThe Envirosight Quickview airHD sewer camera offers an instant wireless system with high-powered zoom optics, making it possible to quickly assess sewer lines and inspect manholes and tanks.envirosight-quickair-view

Instant HD View Into Any Sewer

Envirosight’s Quickview has a zoom camera that is optimized for productivity and offers multiple benefits that allow for speedy diagnosis on emergency call-outs:

  • Avoid confined space entry
  • Illuminate inspection details
  • Perform rapid, system-wide assessment
  • Conserve CCTV resources
  • Prioritize cleaning and rehab tasks
  • View damaged pipes that cannot be accessed by a crawler

Optimize Productivity

There is no time to waste in a sewer emergency, for safety reasons and to avoid even greater destruction than already exists. Even the darkest regions of the underground – whether close-up shots or distant – can come through vividly on a Quickview with tools like:

  • Remote tilt adjustment
  • HD video
  • Touchscreen tablet control
  • Hands-free stabilization
  • Cable-free wireless design
  • In-manhole view centering

See What Matters Underground – Quickly

When you’re responsible for maintaining optimal sewer conditions and diagnosing problems as they arise, you need to be able to see what’s going on in a timely manner. It’s easy to see what’s happening and get vivid inspection detail with the capabilities of the Quickview:

  • Quad-Haloptic light engine for maximized viewing distance and side wall illumination
  • HD camera that delivers four times more detail than SD
  • Low-lux imager that captures enhanced detail from darker or distant regions
  • Control, view, annotate, and playback with touchscreen tablet interface
  • Remotely adjust tilt and camera height for optimum centerline viewing
  • Hands-free operation for maximum image stability with clamp-on bipod

Convenient and Portable for Any Conditions

Envirosight’s Quickview airHD can be deployed anywhere. The portability of this powerful sewer camera makes it easy to use and its technology allows for the instant sharing of results. Convenience looks like this with the Quickview:

  • Compact: Travel easily in a rugged roller case with a telescoping handle
  • Versatile: Collapsible pole that fits in pick-up bed but extends to 25’ or 30’ or longer with extensions
  • Long-lasting: Rechargeable, swappable, four-hour, lithium ion batteries
  • Wireless: WiFi-based control and video transmission eliminate the need for cables

High-powered zoom optics are only helpful if they are housed in a quality machine designed to withstand and maneuver through problematic sewer conditions. Thanks to Envirosight’s technologies, your sewer camera’s capabilities go beyond other systems and work together to deliver a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening in the moment.

Be Proactive with the Envirosight Quickview airHD

When you understand sewer conditions, there are no blindsides and no surprises. With a quality Quickview airHD you can:

  • Plan for cleaning and rehab to prevent failures and backups
  • Minimize emergency call-outs
  • Stay within budget and limit liability
  • Satisfy ratepayers as well as government and regulatory agencies

A sewer camera like the Quickview allows towns and municipalities to be proactive about what’s happening underground and manage conditions as they change – or, more importantly, before they change and cause problems.

Powerful Sewer Camera Available from Bell Equipment

Zoom into sewer conditions with an Envirosight sewer camera that offers users the ability to be proactive and identify backups and failures before they demand cleanup and repair. Reliable, accurate, and easy to take anywhere, the Quickview is yet another piece of sophisticated equipment from this company that has your underground conditions covered. Learn more from Bell Equipment, trusted Envirosight dealer serving Michigan and Ohio.

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