Envirosight Rovver X Sewer Inspection Camera

Diagnosing the source of a sewer problem can be a challenge without the right equipment. Ideally, you have the right tools to monitor what’s going on underground as a preventive measure to avoid backups, failures, and intensive cleaning and rehab. Sewer inspection cameras like the Envirosight Rovver X can reduce the demand for emergency callouts and limit the liability of your municipality.Envirosight-RovverX-Sewer-Inspection-Camera

Features of the Rovver X

The Rovver X is a multifaceted system that allows the user to do just about everything they need to do, including:

  • Control inspections
  • View and record digital video
  • Log observations
  • Generate reports
  • Link directly to asset-management software
  • Automatic updates to latest features and self-diagnostics

Besides the technological benefits that allow for quick diagnosis and action, the equipment itself is optimized and includes the following:

  • Steerable six-wheels drive to maneuver past obstacles
  • Modular design to adapt to pipe of any size, condition, or material
  • Compact system footprint that can be deployed from any size vehicle
  • Scalable design that supports later launch, side-scanning, and laser profiling

Benefits of the Rovver X Sewer Inspection Camera

An advanced system that is easy to use, the Rovver X is full of benefits for the end user.

  • Agility: The Rovver X can maneuver past obstacles thanks to proportional steering, zero-degree turning for pivoting and traversing curved inverts, wheel tread and geometry optimized for superior traction and range, and a lightweight Kevlar cable that poses minimal drag.
  • Intelligence: A smart machine, the Rovver X uses CANbus, the same control architecture found in modern automobiles. This allows for capabilities like concurrent control of multiple crawler functions, auto-updating and easy online updates, and dozens of onboard sensors that offer status details and lifetime operating history.
  • Versatility: Whatever the challenge, this sewer inspection camera has 12 quick-change wheel options and many accessories to adapt as needed, including a motorized camera lift, auxiliary lamps, and large diameter carriage. Three crawler body sizes address applications from 4 to 96 inches in diameter.
  • Ease of use: In times of emergencies especially, you need a sewer inspection camera that gets the job done efficiently. The Rovver X allows for the control of all system functions from a handheld pendant. Observations can be entered on a touchscreen and text can be overlaid without external hardware. Record video and images to onboard memory, generate reports, and export inspections directly to WinCan (a basic version of which is included with every crawler system).
  • Adaptability: Deploy the Rovver X anywhere, anytime. It travels easily in a truck, van, pickup, or ATV with a compact, three-piece layout and runs off an inverter, generator, or main power. Compact, fully automated reel stores 1,000 feet of cable with a 1,640-foot reel option.

The Ultimate Versatile Sewer Inspection Crawler

The Envirosight mantra is the simple tagline: “Underground understood.” This company’s sewer inspection cameras are well-known for offering reliable performance and accurate diagnostic capabilities. Versatile, powerful, standalone systems can do the job of many, and the Envirosight Rovver X is just one example.

If you are seeking ultimate usability, a clear diagnostic view, and a modular design that is easy to take anywhere, contact Bell Equipment. Get the reliable, sophisticated equipment you need and find out what’s going on underground quickly so problems can be stopped, repaired, and even prevented. Learn more from Bell Equipment, trusted Envirosight dealer serving Michigan and Ohio.

Sewer Wastewater Envirosight Rovver X Sewer Inspection Crawler