Envirosight Verisight Pro Sewer Camera

When a drainage problem occurs within a sewer line, any damage or obstruction will be difficult to see through a massive clog or build-up. The Envirosight Verisight Pro sewer camera is a must-have for any municipal drain and sewer teams and specialists. This sophisticated piece of equipment offers easy portability and deployment and delivers a clear image for fast diagnosis, troubleshooting, and drain inspection so you can get to work on solutions faster.envirosight-verisight-pro-sewer-camera

Features of the Verisight Pro

A rugged, digital, drain inspection sewer camera, the Verisight Pro is a Smart machine that is equipped to offer the following features:
  • Smart push camera
  • Crisp color footage
  • Powerful digital zoom
  • On-site delivery of reports
  • Up to 90 hours of captured video and images
  • Built-in library for organized, stored footage
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for typing and
  • saving text
  • Text overlay with custom data and live distance
  • Offload inspections via USB drive or SD card

The Smart Verisight Pro Camera

The Verisight Pro is all about clear diagnosis for drains. When there is a problem underground, you need to rapidly see everything that’s going on so you can troubleshoot and take action. This Smart push camera has sophisticated features that deliver everything a sewer team needs to inspect drain pipes and laterals, documents findings, and generate reports.

  • High-resolution PAL imager
  • Self-leveling axial camera for upright
    orientation at all times
  • Pan/tilt camera option
  • Shadowless, adjustable illumination thanks to LEDs
  • 3x digital zoom on captured video

It’s not only capturing the problem on film, it’s being able to see it well and review it close up that makes all the difference in accurate problem-solving.

Rugged and Adaptable Sewer Camera

Sewer access isn’t always easy, and a rugged camera that can survive any kind of punishment the underground dishes up is a must-have for busy municipal teams. On the Verisight Pro, you can expect durability and results. Envirosight promotes features like the following:

  • IP64 rating for the rugged controls housing
    Multiple power options, including main power, vehicle power, or onboard rechargeable battery
  • Welded reel construction with protective powder coat to withstand abuse
  • Sealed slip ring to maximize signal integrity and minimize maintenance
  • Stainless steel axial camera construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • Adaptable for specialty applications
  • Joystick controls for easy articulation of pan/tilt camera

With the Verisight Pro’s capabilities, you will truly be able to see into all the dark corners, crevices, nook, and crannies. The underground environment is not always hospitable to human eyes, but your Smart sewer camera can see it all.

The Verisight Pro Is Performance Ready

You need a sewer camera in your fleet that is ready to handle any challenge and equipped to perform. The Verisight Pro is a reliable piece of equipment you will grab when things go wrong at a moment’s notice. Enjoy features such as:

  • 30’, 200’, and 330’ reel options
    Head spring to help maneuver past bends and P traps
  • Tri-band sonde that works with nearly any locator
  • English, Spanish, or another language
  • Supplied centering devices that allows axial camera to handle pipe size from 2” up
  • Reel brake and lock
  • Wide wheelbase accessory for easy transport over rough ground

Get Your Envirosight Sewer Camera from Bell Equipment

When it comes to high-functioning sewer cameras, Envirosight has thought of everything. You need a good view, dependability, portability, and ease of use so any diagnosis can be made quickly for speedy repairs. Contact Bell Equipment, trusted Envirosight dealer serving Michigan and Ohio, to learn more about all the Envirosight sewer cameras we offer and find out what’s right for your needs.

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