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Why rent with Bell Equipment? Renting is a cost-effective way to supplement your fleet or expand services to meet seasonal demand without incurring storage costs or capital investment. We offer the latest equipment rentals backed by Bell support and service professionals throughout the Midwest, including recycling truck and garbage truck rental, sewer cleaner truck rental, hydro and vacuum excavator rental, and street sweeper rental. When you need to rent equipment, trust the experts at Bell Equipment.

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Hydro and Vacuum Excavation Rentals
Street Sweeper Rentals
Sewer Cleaner Rental with Vactor
Garbage Truck Rental

Hydro and Vacuum Excavation Rentals


The most innovative and versatile sub-compact vacuum excavator on the market, the Paradigm® lets you excavate around utilities with the utmost safety and efficiency. Paradigm is customer-inspired, built to satisfy the most stringent safe-digging requirements, and backed by the Vactor® Mfg., Inc. commitment to quality.

This truck can:

  • Excavate safely around utilities with water or air
  • Vacuum, contain, and dispose of drill mud
  • Power pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical tools
  • Provide transport and storage of equipment and tools


The perfect safe-digging machine for a wide range of demanding applications, the Prodigy® delivers incredible versatility in a powerful yet smaller package, with lower operating costs than larger machines. All backed by the TRUVAC™ commitment to quality.

This truck can:

  • Excavate precisely with water or air
  • Power pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric tools
  • Control water pressure with the press of a button using DigRight® patented technology
  • Be customized to fit your specific needs


This series of full-sized titans was developed from the ground up—literally. The HXX® is the result of years of vacuum excavation research, customer input, testing, and industry experience. Created by Vactor® Manufacturing, Incorporated, no job is too big or too tough for these vacuum excavators to tackle.

This truck can:

  • Meets all mid-sized and full-sized excavation needs
  • Deliver maximum job site productivity
  • Power jackhammers, tampers, or other tools
  • Tow mini-excavators, HDD drills, or job supply trailers

Street Sweeper Rentals

Elgin Pelican NP

The newest pelican model combines maneuverability, economy, serviceability, and single-lane dumping with a sweep system that efficiently handles heavy, compacted dirt and bulky debris, as well as smaller particles found in the street.

  • Isolation-mounted cab for cleaner, quieter, more comfortable operation
  • Improved 360-degree visibility
  • Incredible ease of operation
  • Superior durability, stability, and maneuverability
  • Easy access for service and maintenance.

Elgin Four Wheel Sweepers

We offer a variety of four wheel sweeper options for your next job. Contact us for current inventory and availability.

Sewer Cleaner Rental with Vactor

Vactor 2100i Recycler

The Vactor 2100i water recycling system is proven to save thousands of gallons of clean water in every shift.

  • Simple controls
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Automated high-pressure water jetting
  • Remarkable vacuum power

Vactor 2100i

Equipped with a highly maneuverable boom and powerful vacuum source to move from basin to basin, cleaning out rocks, dirt, leaves, litter, and other debris that can clog the storm sewers and prevent them from working properly during rain events.

Garbage Truck Rental

Interested in a garbage truck rental? We’ve partnered with Premier Truck Sales & Rental, Inc. to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment and service. Through our partnership with Premier, you have access to weekly, monthly, and yearly garbage truck rentals featuring the latest model trucks and trailers for your trash, environmental, and debris needs. 


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