Heil Command-SST

Heil Command-SSTFleet owners have high expectations for their automated side loader: excellent productivity, safe and smooth operation, and cost savings. The Command-SST automated side loader by Heil delivers in all areas for operators, maintenance technicians, and municipalities.

Features of the Heil Command-SST Side Loader

Whenever you purchase an add-on for your refuse truck, you want a return on your investment. The Heil Command-SST side loader is a benefit to owners and users alike, with so many features.

Improved safety and ease of operation

  • The body-mounted arm of the side loader produces less rocking than other arms. The reduction in cab shake lowers the fatigue of a driver.
  • The in-cab monitor and joystick allow the driver and operator’s eyes to remain forward on their route, instead of craning their neck and look out the side window.
  • Ergonomics, safety, and operational simplicity are key issues and Heil has delivered with this automated side loader.
  • The 3-axis arm of the Command-SST allows for above-grade and below-grade can access.

Maintenance simplicity

  • Fewer moving parts on the automated side loader mean fewer parts that wear out and require replacement. This can add up to $27,500 in savings over the lifetime of the truck.
  • With only six weekly grease points – all accessible from the ground level – general maintenance is dramatically reduced, also delivering a cost savings of over $22,000.
  • Heil engineers reduced the number of moving parts to simplify maintenance and increase reliability, which allows for more time on the route, servicing customers and generating revenue.

Enhanced productivity

  • The Command arm has been designed with performance and reliability in mind, with seven-second cycle times.
  • The container grid lines on the monitor assist the operator in acquiring the trash can at the curb. The center of the can is easily found and the arm is deployed accurately every time.
  • The Command can even pick up carts that have been tipped over – keeping operators safely in the cab where they belong.
  • This side loader comes equipped with a spear feature that aids at stops where multiple carts need to be emptied.
  • There is also a can shake feature that dislodges stuck or wet trash with the push of a single button.

Cost savings

  • Fuel economy is delivered through features like load-sensing hydraulics that only run the pump when needed.
  • Reducing the weight in the body of the truck allows an additional ton of payload, which can add up to over $34,000 savings over the life of the truck.

Invest in a Heil Command-SST Automated Side Loader for Long-Term Results

Some fleet owners keep lower expectations for their automated side loader. The Heil Command-SST has reestablished the norm, however, really delivering when it comes to safety, performance, and ROI.

The durable arm requires fewer moving parts, resulting in less maintenance and downtime. Over four million cycle times in testing resulted in absolutely zero rebuilds. The proven DuraPack body is optimized to reduce weight by 2,000 lbs without impacting strength or payload capability. And the body-mounted arm frees up the frame rail for other chassis components, reducing frame rail fatigue and making servicing the arm easy.

The list is long when it comes to the benefits of the Heil Command-SST Automated Side Loader. This valuable piece of equipment is available from Bell Equipment. Contact us to discuss our Heil line of goods. We are a trusted Heil dealer in Michigan and Ohio.