Heil DuraPack Python

Heil Durapack PythonThe Heil DuraPack Python automated side load garbage truck is designed for residential waste collection. A valuable, high-performance addition to any fleet, this side loader saves time on every stop, improving daily efficiency and delivering thousands of dollars in savings every year.

One Side Loader: Two Kinds of Power

The Heil DuraPack Python side loader is a combo of two proven brand products in one machine:

  • DuraPack: This refuse body is the industry standard for being toughness and dependability. The DuraPack spends less time in the shop and the Python features the Heil Service Smart design, which simplifies routine maintenance and keeps trucks out of the shop and on routes making money.
  • Python: This patented automated arm is faster, smoother, and longer-lasting than any other refuse machine arm. Its unique life geometry prevents spillage and returns refuse carts with closed lids every time. The cushioned cylinders are smooth, protecting the lift arm and chassis from wear and tear.

Overall, the DuraPack Python side loader is a strong, fast performer with a 9-foot reach, 8-second cycle time, and lift power of up to 800 pounds. The Python’s unique follower panel allows for continuous dumping so there is no waiting for the hopper to catch up with a load. Twin packing cylinders make it possible to collect refuse from more homes with fewer trips to the disposal site.

These benefits all translate to a savings of 4 seconds per stop, which adds up to 1 hour per day and a fiscal savings of more than $15,000 per truck every year.

Features of the DuraPack Python Automated Side Load

The DuraPack Python was specifically engineered to withstand the punishment of heavy daily use. Some of the most notable features include the following:

  • Operate-in-Gear-at-Idle system: Comes standard and is designed to reduce wear on the lift assembly, chassis, engine, and transmission. This feature also greatly reduces noise, a benefit to operators and customers.
  • Solid foundation: The best refuse trucks begin with a strong base. The DuraPack has an exclusive Heil fully welded interlaced subframe which provides incredible strength and durability while resisting corrosion and salt damage.
  • Bigger bites: Equipped with a 5.2 cubic yard hopper, the Python can easily handle containers from 30 to 96 gallons.
  • Impressive diagnostic tools: With on-board diagnostic tools, it’s simple for the operator to quickly and easily diagnose and troubleshoot problems away from hazards and weather.
  • Tough tailgate: Reinforced to prevent buckling and featuring a 60-inch seal to keep liquids inside the body, the DuraPack tough tailgate is also equipped with Shur-Lock Tailgate Locks. The locking system is managed by the in-cab operator to keep payloads secure and allow for the tailgate to only be discharged when ready.

Buy a Heil Side Loader Garbage Truck

Productivity and durability are two of the most important characteristics of a garbage truck. All side loaders are not created equal, they do not all offer the same capabilities and power, and you must look carefully to select the machine that will make you money rather than cost you time and revenue.

The Heil DuraPack Python is easily one of the best side load garbage trucks for your investment. With operator-friendly features, the DuraPack Python is a breeze to control on the route every day.

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