Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail Side Loader

Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail The Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail Heil DuraPack Rapid Railside load garbage truck is a versatile machine, ideal for commercial, residential, and multi-family refuse routes. Designed for power and efficiency, the DuraPack does its job in the tightest spots and can lift some of the heaviest waste containers, quickly and easily proving it is a worthwhile investment in efficiency and cost savings.

The Double Efficiency of the DuraPack Rapid Rail

The Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail side load garbage truck is a unique model that combines two supremely effective components in one machine:

  • The DuraPack side load body: The DuraPack refuse body is the industry standard for toughness and flexibility.
  • The Rapid Rail arm: The strong arm of the Rapid Rail is notable for its power, but also its small profile. With barely any kickout, the arm makes snug streets, alleys, cul-de-sacs, and gated communities easier to service.

Features of the DuraPack Rapid Rail Side Load Garbage Truck

Speed and power are hallmarks of the Dura Pack Rapid Rail, with its 8-second cycle time, virtually zero kickout on the side arm, high-compaction side load body, and handling of 30- to 400-gallon waste containers. This machine, however, does even more:

  • Heavy lifting capacity: 1,600-pound lift capacity allows you to utilize one unit with more payload carrying capacity. Chase truck is eliminated, fleet size is reduced, and there are fewer trips to the landfill.
  • Dual joystick capability: Easy-to-operate joystick guarantees precise control for the operator. This intuitive tool reduces the learning curve and training time, increasing productivity from day one. Operators from mixed fleets can easily transition from unit to unit with no loss in route time.
  • Proportional controls: The lift-feathering feature is standard, making it possible to precisely pick containers from difficult areas, give the operator a smoother lift while reducing cab shake, and reduce wear and tear.
  • Intuitive brain: The “brain” of the Heil DuraPack system – the Cortex with Insight display – is a rugged mobile controller that provides intelligence and precision for less downtime and ease of service.
  • Above-grade can picks: The DuraPack Rapid Rail arm can handle above-grade picks up to two feet, eliminating the need for the operator to leave the cab. Route efficiency increases, the operator stays safe, and cans can be picked off of curbs or embankments.
  • Can shake feature: The can shake feature allows the operator to shake stubborn refuse out of the container at the press of a button. The desired number of shakes can be done at the top of the lift cycle without multiple arm cycles, keeping the operator in the cab and eliminating spillage.
  • Auto-lift: Let the automation do the work. Reach the Rapid Rail arm out for the can, press and hold the grab button, and the arm will automatically carry the can up and into the hopper for a container dump, all in one smooth motion. This benefit reduces the chance of spilling refuse and increases efficiency by reducing route time.

Buy a Cost-Saving, Efficient, Heil Side Load Garbage Truck

Efficiency and versatility are two of the biggest deliverables of the Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail. When you need a side loader that can service multiple areas of varying sizes and you want to keep a reduced team but increase productivity, this Heil model is the smart choice.

With operator-friendly features and intuitive control, the Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail makes for easy controlling on every route. Get more information about all Heil models from Bell Equipment, trusted dealer of Heil machines in Michigan and Ohio. Contact us to discuss the side loaders that are right for your fleet.