Larue D50 2022

Larue Loader-Mounted Blowers

When snow accumulates or a storm hits, you must act quickly and rely on a snowblower that combines power and reliability. This is where Larue comes in. With a wide range of products and the many options available, Larue blowers adapt to your weather patterns, environmental factors, road conditions and scale of each snow emergency.

Snow removal equipment that’s scalable to your needs. We can match you with the correct model, or help you customize a unit with our partners at Larue.

Ribbon Conveyor Models

The ribbon conveyor is effective during heavy snowfalls and when snow is collected quickly. A grader pushes snow from the sidewalk into the road in a windrow that screw conveyors cannot easily collect. The slender shape of the single (larger) ribbon conveyor draws the snow in more easily. Ribbon conveyors are commonly used in mountainous regions, where light and abundant snow are difficult to trap but easy to draw in.

Available Models:

Two-Auger Screw Conveyor Models

The paired screw conveyor is effective against hardened snow and ice. The two augers grind the debris. A screw conveyor is your best ally when widening roads.

Available Models: