Lafarge Cement Plant (Alpena, MI) - Waterless Elgin Pelican


Manufacturer: Elgin
Model: Waterless Pelican

The Alpena Lafarge plant is one of North America’s largest cement-producing facilities with the ability to produce up to 2.7 million tons of cement annually.

As with any hydro-reactive substance, working with cement means you need a waterless option with upgraded dust suppression. Enter the Elgin Waterless Pelican. 

Waterless dust control maintains all the popular features and sweeping performance of the Pelican: maneuverability, no jam debris conveyor, variable height front dump hopper, and a comfortable cab. The patented dust control system includes dust skirting, a dust separator in the hopper, and a dust control fan with a maintenance-free filter.

All these features work together to control fugitive dust without the use of spray water.

The Waterless Pelican can:

• Increase productivity with elimination of water tanks 
• Pick up superfine particles 
• Provide dependable year-round performance 
• Conserve water 
• Control fugitive dust emissions using patented waterless technology with media performance of 99% at 2.5 microns