BrineXtreme Pro

The BrineXtreme Pro makes continuous salt brine production quick and simple.  This easy-to-manage workhouse offers production rates of up to 6,000 GPH. Four simple steps is all it takes with this brine maker: (1) Connect to power, (2) connect to water, (3) fill hopper with rock salt, (4) hit start). It really is that simple to use the BrineXtreme Pro!

In addition, the BrineXtreme Pro has 100% automated repeatability, as well as offering salt concentration accuracy to 0.001 SG. Features of the brine maker include: a 5 cu. yard salt hopper,  protected mechanicals, 135 sq. inch opening for clean out of large solids, splash free brine transfer, a 6″ touch screen display, data logging, storage tank level monitoring, and more.

To see more information about the BrineXtreme Pro, or other BrineXtreme products – view our page on their products.