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Find out why our Envirosight-dedicated Green Rooms make all the difference. 

Our dedicated Envirosight® technicians are standing by: ready to perform unexpected repairs and regular maintenance on your sewer inspection equipment.

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Expert support from an authorized Envirosight® dealer.

Recommended every 12 months minimum, depending on use.


What to expect during standard Envirosight maintenance tune-up:

End-to-end component restoration. Our techs will completely disassemble the unit to clean, grease and lubricate all parts. They will add nitrogen, check for leaks, and tighten and fine-tune all hardware.

Total seal replacement. This is key to maintaining the pressurized components that keep your camera equipment waterproof in corrosive sewers. We’ll replace all seals, from the rear axle to the camera window.


Camera parts overhaul. Full cleaning, new seals and camera part replacement.

Reel inspection. Full cleaning and cable reel inspection.

Elevator inspection. Full cleaning and elevator seal replacement.

Quick-release hubs. Full cleaning, seal and parts replacement.

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