Elgin Sweeper Crosswind single engine

Elgin Sweeper Company has introduced an innovative single-engine configuration of the Crosswind after years of research and product development. A regenerative air sweeper, the Elgin Crosswind has been a popular sweeping option since it was introduced, especially for flat paved areas.

A variable speed device allows one engine to power both the chassis and sweeper simultaneously. This device allows the chassis engine to deliver high power to the sweeper system during operation. After much testing, the single-engine Crosswind has been proven to perform and meet the expectations of standard twin-engine air sweepers.

Benefits of the single-engine Crosswind include:

  • Single push-button between road and work modes (no need to stop)
  • Ease of maintenance eliminates maintaining two engines
  • Downtime and total cost of maintenance reduced
  • Improved operator experience with minimal vibration and noise

Elgin Sweeper offers a full line of quality street sweepers, including mechanical sweepers, such as the Elgin Pelican, and both regenerative air and vacuum air sweepers. To learn more about all they offer click here.