Hurst Combi

SC 258 E3 Combi

The SC 258 E3 Connect combi gets the job done quickly. Its smart technology gives you all the power needed to save the day, above and below water. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

SC 358 E3 Combi

Its compact cylinder body design houses a bold tool that gets the job done. This smart combi rescue tool cuts, spreads, and saves lives … fast. It's perfect for first responders who always need to be ready for anything. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

SC 758 Combi

The SC 758 E3 combi tool is stronger than ever. With a larger spread and better cutting rating, there’s no other choice when saving lives. Simply put, this smart, powerful, battery-operated tool devours anything in its way. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

SC 258E2 Combi Tool

The lightweight superhero gets faster. Get to the business of saving lives and make rescues lickety-splitlike with this redesigned tactical combi. It’s sleeker and lighter than its predecessor at a mere 32.8 pounds. No matter situation, get the job done fast with the SC 258E2.

SC 358E2 Combi Tool

It combines cutting, spreading and being unstoppable, all in one tool. Replacing its predecessor SC 357E2, the SC 358E2 combi rescue tool uses our compact cylinder body design to house a tool that does so much. It cuts; it spreads, it’s perfect for first responders who need to be ready to accomplish anything. And do it fast.

SC 758E2 Combi Tool

We just one-upped ourselves. It's now the most powerful battery-powered combi tool on the market, with more force, widest spreading distance and a wider cutting area than ever before.