Hurst Cutters

S 378 E3 Cutter

The new S 378 E3 cutter offers comparable power to other E3 tools but with a shorter, lighter design. Its bold box-style blade means a wide bite without the tool swing. But don’t be fooled by its size. This innovative cutter combines power with brilliance. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

S 789 E3 Cutter

With its monstrous bite, the S 789 E3 Cutter can tackle anything in its path. Its new smart dashboard displays live visual tool feedback, providing you with more control over your rescues. And it doesn’t stop there. This cutter works harder and smarter … even underwater. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

S 799 E3 Cutter

The new S 799 E3 Cutter carves through the strongest of materials with ease. On land or underwater, this bold cutter will get the job done with its genius technology. Combine the most powerful cutter with the new turbo function, and you get a must-have for all rescue teams. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

S 377E2 Cutter

This cutter is like a great white on steroids. The large blade opening gives this cutter quite a bite. The S 377E2 conveniently rips through metal and gives you a huge edge in extrications. Move over competition, or you’ll get hurt.

S 788E2 Cutter

This cutter can get its jaws around just about anything. With a 7.87-inch opening, it can cut through current vehicle construction as well as future construction with ease. The perfect hero for any rescue team.

S 799E2 Cutter

The best rescue cutter ever designed. This eDRAULIC® cutter can’t wait to get its blades around today’s bigger, stronger, meaner steel with an 8.03-inch opening. It has no problems with modern B posts and tool swing challenges aren’t a problem when cutting A and B posts either — just cut them easily at a comfortable perpendicular angle. This cutter is so strong it gets an NFPA rating of 9 in all categories, making it the best in class.