Hurst Lifting Bags

Vetter C.Tec 12 Connectable Lifting Bags

Alone or combined - always a powerful team. Vetter Connectable Bags C.Tec12 combine the lifting power of the Mini lifting bag and the lifting height of the known Vetter 1 bar lifting bag. Thanks to the tool-free connection technology, the bags are ready for action in a few seconds. The load plate integrated into the bag guarantees a high level of stability and load-bearing capacity during the lifting procedure. The lifting of point loads and objects with sharp or pointed surfaces is possible without additional adapters.

Vetter S.Tec 12 Lifting Bags

The next generation of high-pressure lifting bags. Emergency professionals count on our high-pressure bags to handle high-pressure situations. Developed with next-generation technology, Vetter has thought of everything you need to get the job done safely and quickly: reflective markings, intelligent surface profiles, unbelievably small insertion heights and up to 112 tons of lifting power.