Hurst Spreader

SP 333 E3 Spreader

Work submerged in water or on land with this all-powerful spreader. The SP 333 E3 spreader incorporates a smart dashboard and innovative features, without adding any extra weight. Combine its minimal weight with its dynamic design, and this tool is unparalleled.  *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

SP 555 E3 Spreader

Its light weight and small size make this tool a great option for when you need to act fast. Combine these features with its smart dashboard, and this spreader is unstoppable. When lives are on the line, you need enhanced performance. Rescues can’t wait. And neither can you. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

SP 777 E3 Spreader

With its watertight design and up-to-the-minute feedback, you’ll get the job done faster and smarter than ever. In dire situations, our powerful E3 spreader speaks for itself. *Ask about Hurst E3 Connected technology

M 40 E3 Spreader

This powerful 40-inch spreader can make huge gaps with just one move and is perfect for dire situations when speed is of the essence. With its watertight design and up-to-the-minute feedback, nothing will stand in your way.

SP 333E2 Spreader

It’s stronger, lighter on its feet, and a flat-out unstoppable spreader. The new eDRAULIC® spreader is 12% lighter, yet 20% more powerful than its predecessor. It’s one of the strongest and most compact portable spreaders on the market. The SP 333E2 has squeezing plates built into the arms and “Shark Tooth” removable tips with a stubborn, unstoppable bite that won’t slip. Its Li-Ion eDRAULIC battery keeps its charge so you’re never left without the power of this heroic tool at the wrong moment.

SP 555E2 Spreader

The spreader that weighs less but gives you so much more. The new eDRAULIC® spreader is 16% lighter and still gives you 14% more power than its predecessor. You can get the job done and make the rescue quicker than ever. Its “Shark Tooth” removable tips have four rows of shark-like teeth to bite and hold onto any material. Add that to its Li-Ion never-say-die battery and you know you’ve got the right power and speed for any job.

SP 777E2 Spreader

Get the job done and save lives fast. With its single integrated cylinder body design and “Shark Tooth” removable tips that bite and hold onto any material, the SP 777E2 is the most powerful 32-inch spreader money can buy. Add to that its li-ion never-say-die battery and you’ve got a tool that can handle any job.