Elkhart Appliances

Portable Composite Foam Eductor - 95 GPM

Elkhart Brass has an eductor for all handlines (1” through 2½”). The eductors are compatible with most foam concentrates. All Elkhart eductors are easy to hook up and set up. All can be deployed in any position; they come with a removable pick-up screen, a metering valve, and a clear PVC pick-up hose. Fixed Metering - 3%.

Gated Manifolds

Gated manifolds allow fire professionals to extend attack lines when pre-connects do not reach. All of Elkhart’s gated manifolds feature free swiveling and locking Storz connectors to prevent accidental uncoupling of larger diameter hose for increased safety. Designed for safe LDH operations, the gated manifolds have an adjustable relief valve (75-250 psi) with stainless steel mechanism and urethane seat.

Piston Intake Valve

Elkhart offers piston intake valves in your choice of materials. All piston valves include a variety of features to make your job easier: folding hand-wheel spinner, durable urethane seat, 4½” waterway, ¾” bleeder valve, adjustable relief/dump valve (75 to 250 psi), and a red urethane enamel finish.


Used to divide a single flow, usually at a fireground scene, wyes must be both reliable and easy to use. Elkhart offers several customizable handle options. All Elkhart wyes give years of dependable service. When necessary, they are easy to field service and re-buildable for continued long-term use. Both two-way and three-way wye options are available; and all wyes are rated to 200 psi.