MSA Parts and Accessories

G1 SCBA Battery

The MSA G1 SCBA Rechargable Battery eliminates the need for disposable replacement batteries. The portable and compact rapid charger can charge up to six batteries at once and batteries can reach a full charge in just 6 hours.

G1 SCBA Battery Smart Charger

CHANGE IS GOOD - UNLESS IT COMES TO BATTERIES. There is a new way to deal with replacing SCBA Alkaline batteries … DON’T. Introducing the first NIOSH approved and NFPA compliant SCBA platform to provide a rechargeable battery Smart Charger.

G1 SCBA Remote Quick-Fill System

The G1 SCBA Remote-Mounted Quick-Fill System is the only NIOSH Approved and NFPA compliant front mounted system for recharging SCBA cylinders.

G1 SCBA Accessories

MSA G1 accessories ranging from APR filter adapter assemblies, tunnel straps, lumbar, and harnesses.

G1 SCBA Integrated TIC

The MSA G1 SCBA with Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera provides EVERY firefighter the ability to see in dark and smoke filled environments, aiding in the speed and effectiveness of your operation from the initial 360, to working the fire, overhaul and rescue. This sight is provided through a Thermal Imaging Camera that is integrated into the G1 SCBA Control Module, eliminating the need to carry an additional piece of bulky equipment and the concern of an additional snag hazard.