Municipal and Contractor Deliveries

New Equipment Deliveries

View recent environmental equipment deliveries from MacQueen Equipment. See the latest new deliveries of vacuum trucks, sweeper trucks, refuse trucks, and snow removal equipment. In Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska, MacQueen Equipment can support all of your environmental equipment needs. 

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City of Cottonwood, MN

City of Waupun, WI - Vactor 2100i

SnoQuip Blower Attachment

City of Randolph, WI - Elgin Pelican P

Curbside Waste - Heil Half/Pack Front Loader Garbage Truck

City of Maple Grove, MN - Vactor 2100i

City of Nebraska City - Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper

Eagle Lake, MN - ODB Leaf Vac

City of Red Oak - Elgin Pelican

Port Washington, WI - Elgin RegenX

Harter's Disposal - Ringle, WI

TelCom Construction, LLC