Marell Inc. – 2003 Vactor 2100


Manufacturer: Vactor
Model: 2100
  • 10 Yard Debris Tank
  • 1500 Gallons
  • 15″ Roots PD
  • Tilt/Tele Hose Reel
  • 8′ Telescopic Boom
  • Multi-Flow
  • Debris Body Flushout
  • Internal Trash Pump
  • Lube Manifold
  • Vacuum Relied
  • Hot Shift Blower Drive
  • cold weather recirc
  • Auto Wind Guide
  • Telescoping/Rotating Reel
  • Fold Down Pipe Racks
  • 2003 Sterling LT7501
  • Condition: Good
  • 300 HP
  • 60K GVRW
  • 88,300 Miles
  • 5400 Hours
  • Allison Transmission

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