Vactor is an industry leader in the United States in Combination Sewer Cleaners, Water Jetters and Vacuum Excavation units. All models are designed with operator simplicity, safety and performance in mind.


Wastewater Support

The MacQueen Equipment Group is committed to providing you the highest quality equipment in the industry. That’s why we provide the support you need to keep your equipment up and running.


Vactor Products

Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right product to meet your needs.

Envirosight specialized in underground inspection equipment for municipalities and contractors including manhole cameras, zoom survey cameras, robotic crawlers and small pipe push cameras. We also fully support our products by offering software solutions, repairs and preventative maintenance plans for all products.

Software Solutions

Inspection is only the first piece of the puzzle. Software and analytics allows your company or organization to use valuable data for short and long term project and maintenance planning. Wincan offers a variety of packages including software, cloud, geographic and laser solutions.

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Inspection System Maintenance

Camera Specialist
We have committed to supporting pipeline inspection by hiring and training an Inspection Camera Specialist. This person is available as the expert to answer operational, repair and maintenance questions.

Repairs and Support
We are able to troubleshoot all repairs in-house and complete most technical and hardware repairs without shipping it to the camera factory. By supporting these systems with a Camera Specialist, we are able to complete faster and more convenient repairs, helping reduce your downtime.

Maintenance Plans
In addition to diagnostics and repairs we have a customized maintenance plans for all inspection crawlers and camera heads. Preventative maintenance is the number one way to protect your investment and prolong the life of your system.

Vaporooter is guaranteed to kill roots on contact and prevent them from coming back for years.

Get Vaporooter. It kills roots. Period.

Scientific research and more than a hundred million feet of experience prove Vaporooter is the most effective way to rid your system of roots.

Effective chemical root control in sewer systems was considered next to impossible until forty years ago, when scientific research discovered that a combination of metam sodium and dichlobenil make it possible.

Together, the two ingredients create a devastating one-two punch on roots. Metam sodium penetrates root cells, destroying the root on contact without harming the plants and trees above ground. Dichlobenil bonds to pipe walls, joints and cracks to prevent new growth from blocking pipes for years. Numerous studies have documented the effectiveness of Vaporooter when used in accordance with the label.

Grease Release. Chemical Grease Remover.

Sewer systems simply weren’t designed to handle the amount of grease pouring in from restaurants, homeowners and industry. Regardless of their design, you’re still expected to keep the pipes flowing, so the grease has got to go.

The BAD NEWS is that your system’s pipe surfaces are porous, giving grease a foothold to hang on and accumulate. The GOOD NEWS is that scientifically formulated Grease Release blasts out grease all the way down to the pores where it clings. These are then filled with surfactants that slow future build-ups and enhance preventative maintenance programs by coating surfaces with a grease-repelling barrier that makes cleaning simpler, easier and more effective.

Wireless headsets let public works crews hear each other and protect their hearing without shutting down equipment and the job. Talk without radios or push buttons.

Improve Operational Performance

Sonetics works with customers in industries like yours to engineer and deliver wireless headsets and communication systems that help you work smarter and safer. Hands-free, full duplex wireless headsets allow work crews to communicate in real time, just like a conference call. Scalable, expandable, reliable… Sonetics Wireless.


Deeper Dive Into Technology

We put cutting-edge wireless technologies to work in our headsets, keeping your teams connected while protecting your hearing. Every headset comes fully loaded with technology that makes your work more enjoyable. DECT is the latest voice standard. With over 1 billion devices in use worldwide, it is a tried and tested technology. Sonetics has leveraged this stable and reliable technology for our customers.


Save time. Save money. Save your worker from injury. The Lifter is the automated, vehicle-mounted manhole cover lifter you’ve been waiting for.

The Lifter

The automated solution for manhole cover removal—The Lifter for conventional sized covers and grates, The Lifter PLUS for more challenging removal tasks.

Roadway camera and dash monitor to spot cover. Hand held wireless remote to engage The Lifter. Operate The Lifter while seated in the vehicle. Safely, efficiently-get more done.

At the touch of the wireless remote, the magnet is lowered onto the manhole cover, then activated. Dependable, electro-magnet technology for quick and easy removal of manhole cover or drainage grates.

Remove cover with the simple push of a button. With optional Swing Arm, swing cover away from opening. Replace cover with Swing Arm without moving the vehicle.


Maximize your Lifter.

Rock Mills Enterprises created accessories to go with the Automatic Manhole Cover Lifter to make your job even easier for your industry. The following Manhole Lid Lifter Accessories are available for you to purchase. Contact us for additional information and pricing.

The optional swing arm attachment for the Manhole Cover Lifter can be used on the front or the rear, or wherever a 2″ receiver can be mounted on jet trucks or camera trucks. This attachment allows the operator to position the vehicle so that the jet hose or camera is positioned over the manhole cover, and the Manhole Cover Lifter can be swung out of the way.

The swing arm attachment is also useful in removing covers that are above the curb, and for moving drainage grates or sewer curb grates.