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Fire Rescue Vehicles

E.J. Metals is a designer and custom manufacturer of wildland, all-terrain,
specialty fire trucks and ultra high pressure firefighting systems.

       Quick Attack

          Brush Trucks


These multi-purpose units can be used as
light rescue, wildland fire support, initial attack,
or medical response. Read more…

     Rapid response trucks for all-terrain fire and rescue.
Read more…

Designed to provide the specialized equipment
necessary for technical rescue situations. Read more…

Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression Systems


UHP Systems

E.J. Metals is the leading developer and manufacture of highly effective, ultra high pressure firefighting systems in the U.S.

Incredibly effective—15 minutes of firefighting time with just 70 gallons of water.

Uses up to two thirds less water and foam than traditional systems, thanks to the atomization of water that occurs at such ultra high pressures.

Light and compact—ideal for rough terrain vehicles, pickup trucks and full-size fire apparatus

Minimizes water damage while delivering big knock-down capabilities.

Applications: Wildland / brush fires, first attack, interior fires, vehicles fires, laying break lines, liquid fires, structural fire.





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