A truly versatile wildland apparatus delivering maximum capability for any budget.

          Flat Bed



The Skeeter Flat-Bed increases body options
by offering numerous custom compartments
to both the sides and rear. A Skeeter custom
Flat-Bed can easily double your compartment
space over a commercial body.  Read more…

The Skeeter Rescue-Side can increase your body
compartment storage by up to 50 cubic ft. The
Rescue-Side maximizes your compartment
space by offering two additional vertical
compartments and an optional transverse
storage is fully customizable for stokes
basket, long tools, or cross-lays
and slide-outs. Read more…



The Skeeter Step-Side offers an elevated fires.
Secure personnel on each side of the apparatus in
a protected firefighting position for better visibility
and greater mobility.
Read more…




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