Forest Lake MN - Crosswind

The city of Forest Lake, MN recently took delivery of a new Elgin Crosswind regenerative air sweeper. The sweeper was purchased as a part of their enhanced street sweeping plan, created with the help of the Comfort Lake & Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD).  

Goals of the plan include:

  1. Reduce the amount of phosphorous entering the lakes via storm drains 
  2. Increase water quality in the lakes 

The new street sweeper will play a key role in meeting these goals, along with increased sweeping frequency overall. In addition, the city will target various zones at different frequencies to maximize their efficiency.  

After the plan was created in 2017, the city was awarded a Clean Water Fund Grant from the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) to assist them in purchasing their Elgin Crosswind and implement the enhanced street sweeping plan. 

Prior to implementing their plan, the city was hiring a contractor with a vacuum sweeper each fall. In addition to the goals listed above, the plan and new sweeper will also provide a cost savings by no longer needing to hire a contractor.


The City of Forest Lake’s Elgin Crosswind is a regenerative air sweeper. Some of the features that the sweeper is equipped with include:

  • Hydraulic Wandering Hose Attachment
    The city also has a 2012 Vactor Combination Sewer Cleaner, but with 1750 catch basins and high demand for the Vactor’s use, they were unable to routinely clean the catch basins. That’s why they equipped their new Crosswind with a Hydraulic Wandering Hose attachment, as well as a High Pressure Washdown system, to help clean catch basins.
  • GPS Unit and Scale System
    The Crosswind is also equipped with an On-Board Scale system and GPS system. With these two systems, the city will be able to determine exactly when and where the Crosswind has swept, as well as how much material was picked up. This will give the city an idea of how much material was picked up that prior to implementing the enhanced street sweeping plan would have been drained into the watershed.

See more information and options of their sweeper here. 

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