• November 8, 2019

Friends don’t let friends jet blind.

The cost of not having a visual inside the sewers you’re jetting can be costly. Risking having to come back to clean lines adds unnecessary costs in terms of dollars, personnel hours, gallons of water, and liability.

Being able to immediately assess whether the line requires another round of jetting alleviates the need for a jetting crew to be deployed again later—saving time and personnel costs. Even more so, having eyes in the line allows for the jetting crew to assess for potential harm caused by cross bores. Fortunately, technological advances have made visual assessment tools for jetting crews more detailed, reliable and affordable.

This white paper provides an overview of these tools, discusses how their evolving role has impacted design, and lists key performance criteria that municipalities and contractors should consider when making a purchase decision.

To learn more, download Jetting with Vision. A free whitepaper from Envirosight.

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