Grabbit OMO

MacQueen Equipment now offers the Grabbit O.M.O. (one-man operation) in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska! Made by Rock Creek Manufacturing, the Grabbit O.M.O. is a patent pending debris removal tool designed with both safety and cost effectiveness in mind.  

The tool limits the need for confined space entries to remove debris from manholes and lift stations and can grab things out such as bricks, broken lids, and rings, pieces of concrete or dropped items such as cell phones, tools, etc.  

The Grabbit O.M.O. is easy to operate and functions similarly to crane arcade games (with higher accuracy)! It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to operate: 

  1. Lower
    The black rope is attached to the lowering eye and is used to lower the grabbit down the confined space over the object that is to be retrieved.
  2. Grab
    Once the Grabbit is lowered over the target, hold the black rope with slight tension and lift up on the rope. This will close the Grabbit on the target object.
  3. Lift
    Once the object is in the grasp of the Grabbit, leave a little slack in the black rope and lift the object from the confined space to the surface using both ropes.

The Grabbit is a cost-effective tool for any sewer department or contractor and easily pays for itself in less manpower and equipment costs of confined-space entries, not to mention the safety aspect of not needing to send workers down.  

Want to see the Grabbit in action?