MacQueen Emergency Group recently began offering a variety of loose equipment including, among many others, HMA Fire Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Fire Suppression Systems.
What is UHP?

As defined by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), ultra high pressure is pump pressures above 1100 PSI. By flowing water at these high pressures, the surface area reached is ten times as large while using smaller droplets allowing for less water usage. This in turn results in more contact with the fire and more efficient heat absorption. When the water droplet absorbs heat, it converts to steam, displacing oxygen and removing heat from the environment while extinguishing the fire. HMA Fire’s UHP systems is fully operational within seconds, allowing you to be at the site and in control of the fire sooner.

HMA Products

HMA’s systems are available as an integrated system to add on to your Pierce fire apparatus and can also be integrated into your Red Line skid unit. Both systems use the same innovative technology to allow you to fight fire more efficiently.

Applications for HMA products include vehicle and wildland fires, as well as structural fires.

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