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The FAA Imposes Major Fines in Relation to Icy Runways

A recent article on Bloomberg’s website discusses recent FAA fines towards two airports –read the full article here. The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed fines against two airports in Detroit and Cleveland for a combined total of nearly $1 million. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was fined $735,000 over allegedly not keeping their runways safe over a 15-month long period extending to March 2015. The Detroit Metropolitan Airport is being fined $200,000 related to a single incident of icy conditions last November. In response, the Detroit airport is planning to purchase $13 million in snow equipment and hired 13 additional employees to assist in keeping their runways clear in the future.

In March, we shared a blog post about Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and their ‘snow playbook’ after they were featured in Airport Improvement magazine. Their extensive fleet includes over 140 pieces of equipment that help them keep their runways clear all winter long. Read this post here.

To learn more about equipment that can help you keep your runways clear and avoid FAA fines, click here.