• July 18, 2019

MacQueen Emergency recently added Ambulance Remount service to its long list of service capabilities for emergency responders in the Midwest.

With the addition of experienced technician, Karter Lesmann and the new North Dakota service facility, Macqueen now can extend our capabilities into the Ambulance sector and offer a Custom Remount option.

Ambulance remounts are a great way to extend the life of the Ambulance body by just updating the chassis on the vehicle. All our remount service work is performed in-house at our facility in North Dakota.

If budget is an issue, we can customize the remount to reuse an existing modular and all parts that do not need to be replaced. We also offer packages that range from simple body swaps to a fully refurbished vehicle.

Mike Peck, Ambulance Remount Sales Specialist recently joined our team at MacQueen to educate customers on remount options.

You can learn more about ambulance service, or schedule an consultation with Mike HERE.