Snow Removal Customer Story MSP

Customer Story: MSP featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport maintains approximately 28 million square feet of airfield pavement. During a Minnesota winter, that means they need a large snow removal fleet and a plan in place for the 40 snow & ice events they can expect to occur each season.

Their snow and ice removal procedures, which they call their ‘snow playbook’, are featured in the most recent issue of Airport Improvement magazine. The article details the ‘plays’ they have in  place for when a snow event does occur, and how their large fleet is essential to minimizing runway closure times. Their efforts have clearly been successful – according to Paul Sichko, assistant director of operations, maintenance, and airside operations, they “haven’t missed or had to extend a coordinated runway opening time during a snow event.” 

The fleet that MSP maintains consists of over 140 pieces of equipment. The most recent additions to their fleet include: 

  • Nine Oshkosh H2723
  • Four Oshkosh HT2923
  • Two Wausau BMP2250 
  • One Wausau BMP1850HW
  • One Wausau RMP30
  • Two Wausau RP20 

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Hydraulic technology allows snow removal equipment to operate faster and move more snow in critical situations where time is tight. According to Dan Gage, MacQueen Equipment’s Vice President of Sales, “you have much more flexibility now in attacking various levels of snow storms.”

To read the full article, visit the Airport Improvement website – or click here to view the full digital version of the issue.