Oshkosh Dual Engine Blower

Powerful, dual-engine technology designed for airport runways. The Oshkosh dual-engine blower. Arm yourself with a high-speed blower that throws an incredible 5,000 TONS of snow per hour. Cast snow up to 200 feet depending on conditions. Pure, simple power for airports dealing with heavy snow.

Dual Engine Blower Features

  • Oshkosh® heavy-duty single piece frame
  • Variable speed hydro static ribbon for high-speed snow removal
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum cab with fiberglass roof and fascia
  • Superior visibility: No corner posts on windshield for a full view of the runway; zero blindspots on rear/side windows.
  • 55,000 BTU heater/defrost system with digital climate control
  • Two full-size seats for driver and supervisor/training officer
  • Emergency stop button for blower engine and blower head
  • Joystick operates only when driver is ready
Snow Removal Oshkosh Snow Products Dual Engine Blower