Oshkosh Single Engine Snow Blower

The newest blower by Oshkosh Airport Products. Proven parts. Compact size. The Oshkosh H-Series Single Engine Blower is as agile as it gets. This design brings maximum efficiency to the runway. Plus, there's no more managing engine RPM because the blower syncs with the wheels.

One engine means a less complicated operating system and reduced equipment maintenance. Try it for yourself! Demos are happening now.

Single Engine Blower Features

  • Snow clearing speed of 11 mph (17.7 kph)
  • Travel speed of 30 mph (48.3 kph)
  • 3,000 tons/hour capacity
  • Cast distance of 75-150 ft. (22.9-45.7 m)
  • 102 in. (2591 mm) overall blower head cut width
  • 55,000 BTU heater/defroster
  • Digital climate control
Snow Removal Oshkosh Snow Products Single Engine Blower