MacQueen recently provided a personalized training session for the city of Red Wing, MN. A short drive from the Twin Cities, Red Wing is right along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border and has a population of just under 16,500.  

The city’s sewer department currently operates a 2010 Vactor 2100 Plus and have been recently focusing on increasing efficiency of their operators. With a five-year-old Vactor that has been well maintained, the department had been having issues with their truck running efficiently on multiple lines throughout the city.  

When the city contacted MacQueen, we sent out our parts and service team to diagnose the problem. After establishing that the truck did not have any mechanical issues, the city decided to schedule a personalized training to re-train their sewer operators.  

For the training, MacQueen Equipment sent out multiple of our representatives including our Sales and Demonstration Associate, Chad Stoller. Chad took the truck out with many of the cities operators and after a short amount of time was able to evaluate where they were having issues and what they could do to resolve those issues. With a simple fix of ensuring the appropriate pressure was being used for the application, Chad was able to pinpoint the problem.  

The personalized training was a valuable experience for them as they are now able to fully clear sewer lines in areas that they had not been able to previously.   



Chad Stoller is one of MacQueen’s three Sales and Demonstration Associates. Having started at MacQueen in May 2017, Chad has helped our company develop training sessions on multiple topics. He offers a variety of training options, including both classroom and hands-on settings. One of Chad’s strengths is his ability to connect with our customers and customize their training to meet their needs and skill level, whether it’s a refresher or intro course.