In May, Pierce Mfg. unveiled the CZConnect, a fully-integrated telematics system and an expansion of the Command Zone. The CZConnect is the first fully integrated WiFi-based telematics solution in the fire industry, and it joins the existing CZControl and CZDiagnositics branches of the Command Zone.

CZConnect integration allows customers to have a customized vehicle readiness report with vehicle performance and maintenance information emailed to up to five addresses. The onboard telematics control unit (TCU) continually monitors the engine, transmission, brake systems, fluid levels, system voltage, operating hours, vehicle location, and status of the command zone while the apparatus is performing daily duties.

Anytime the vehicle connects to a known WiFi network, apparatus and GPS data is pushed and the customized report is generated. A vehicle readiness report can also be requested at any time from the vehicle display.

The CZConnect is available on any Pierce fire truck equipment with the Command Zone Advanced Electronics System. For more information about the Command Zone and CZConnect visit