We know that selecting a suspension system that works with the unique needs of your department is an important part of designing your fire apparatus. Not only do suspension systems play a role in the overall performance and life of your vehicle but also the safety and comfort of the drivers. Pierce Manufacturing is proud to offer the TAK-4 Independent Suspension system, which is custom-built for Pierce chassis.  

Independent suspension allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically and react independtly of the others. Typically, this offers the best ride quality and the ability for each wheel to respond to what it encounters on the road separately. 

Four Ways Independent Suspension Improves Fire Truck Performance 

  • Ride Quality & Control 
  • Maneuverability 
  • Steering & Braking 
  • Load Carrying 

Learn more about these four benefits of independent suspension and factors to consider when selecting your suspension system on Pierce’s blog: http://www.piercemfg.com/pierce/blog/4-ways-independent-suspension-improves-fire-apparatus-performance