The MacQueen Emergency Group offers a variety of options when you’re looking to purchase a quality fire apparatus. From used trucks to customizable built-to-order units, we have something for everyone. In addition, we also offer Pierce stock trucks which offer quicker delivery and competitive pricing.

There are many scenarios where a stock truck may be the right option for your department. It could be right choice if: you’re looking for a quick replacement or you’ve found a stock truck that meets the specifications you are looking for. Each stock apparatus is configured to allow some additional options if desired, allowing the truck to meet your unique needs while still offering the benefits of choosing a stock unit.

Currently, MacQueen has the following stock units at our location:

  • Impel Pumper (30355)
  • Single Axle Ascendant (30880)

Contact your sales rep to schedule a demo on any of these trucks!
If you’re interested in another unit, please contact us for availability.

To see the full list of currently available stock units from Pierce click here.

Learn more about Pierce’s stock truck program on their blog:


Single Axle Ascendant



Impel Pumper