Quickview AirHD

Envirosight’s Quickview airHD 2.0 zoom assessment camera has received the 2018 New Product of the Year award from Environmental Protection.

The award is meant to honor innovative organizations that have actively made environmental professionals’ jobs easier in the previous year. For 2018, the contest had a record number of entries, and the Quickview was one of the highest-scoring winners.

The Quickview airHD offers operators an instant view into any sewer with no cables at all. Touch screen controls and HD video offer a unique and detailed view into sewer systems.

The upgraded Quickview airHD 2.0 prioritizes ease of use and accessibility with the following features:

  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Capabilities
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Distance Measurement Tools

One of the judges in the contest, infrastructure writer Fred Elliot, referred to the Quickview as “very impressive and extremely useful for sewer inspections.”

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You can also learn more about the Quickview airHD and other sewer inspection equipment at www.macqueengroup.com/equipment/wastewater