MacQueen proudly offer RAMFAN positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.  

One of the innovative technologies RAMFAN offers is their PowerStream fans, available on all of the RAMFAN X-series blowers.  

PowerStream solves many of the issues common with traditional PPV fans, including limited ingress and egress. With a traditional PPV fan, air swirls as it leaves the blades creating a cone with an effective range of only 2 to 6 feet. This means it needs to be close to the entry, and moving it back will reduce efficiency and therefore increase the amount of time it takes to be effective. 

The PowerStream uses RAMFAN’s PowerShroud technology to create a straight stream of air, that remains straight for 8 to 16 feet without losing any power.  

PowerStream technology works not be increasing the airflow, but rather expanding it. This results in many benefits for you:  

  1. No more fans directly in your way
    – With a larger effective range, you can more the fan back and out of the way
  2. Flexible positioning from 6 to 18 feet
    – This allows you more options of where the fan will be most effective, and less in the way
  3. Reduces interior noise
    – Noise reduction means less interference with your internal communications 

RAMFAN PowerStream is available on all of the X-Series blowers. Contact us today to learn more!