MacQueen Equipment Group Building

The MacQueen Equipment Group was recently featured in a front page article of the Pioneer Press about St. Paul’s East Side. The article focuses on the past vs. present for the area, which used to be home to dozens of businesses whom have for the most part moved out of the area. The businesses leaving had lead to a decrease in jobs in the East Side, and many of the buildings and lots that the companies left behind were empty for some time.

The St. Paul Port Authority, along with the city of St. Paul, has taken initiative in the rebuild of the East Side. So far, the area has been able to attract some businesses and currently supporting hundreds of jobs (where there used to be thousands). The MacQueen Equipment Group is excited to move to the area and be a part of the rise of this part of the city and hopes to see it restored to what it used to be.

Our new headquarters will be opening in the area this October and the MacQueen Equipment Group plans to hire 10-15 more employees at the location within our first few years there. The building will serve as the parts and service location for our Minnesota branch – MacQueen Equipment, Inc., the corporate headquarters for all locations of the MacQueen Equipment Group, and the main location for our newest venture: MacQueen Emergency Group.

The move-in date is set for Monday, October 24th.

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