Sonetics Wireless Headsets

Clear Communication in High Noise Environments

All four of MacQueen Equipment Group’s locations are now offering Sonetics wireless headsets. Sonetics allows crews to remain in constant contact while on job sites – regardless of noise, weather, etc. Some of the benefits of utilizing Sonetics include:

  • Optimize teamwork with hands-free, wireless communication
  • Minimize accidents and incidents with real-time verbal warnings
  • Receive continuous verbal supervision and training
  • Enjoy clear communication plus hearing protection
  • Communicate effectively in high-noise, harsh weather, and without visual contact
  • Freedom to move around the job site and remain in contact

At the MacQueen Equipment Group, we’re offering complete Sonetics portable wireless communication systems – available in 3, 5, and 10 user sets. A waterproof charging case is included with each system along with long-life batteries that can be easily changed out. Contact us at 1-800-832-6417 to learn more or schedule a demonstration.

Sonetics headsets are also very easy to use, simply turn on and go. In addition, they’re backed by an outstanding factory warranty and award-winning service and support.