Trackless MT7

The Trackless MT7 has many features that contribute to its low cost of operation, which is essential to factor in when buying any type of equipment. The following features of the Trackless MT7 are all things to consider when evaluating the true cost of ownership and operation.

  • High Range 

High range allows the MT7 to be driven to and from the job site or start of a route planned for that day. Having to trailer the equipment is simply too inefficient, time-consuming and costly.

  • Work Mode Standard Mode 

This feature reduces fuel consumption by approximately 50%, which can save up to $2,000 per month in fuel cost. Standard mode allows the engine to idle when the MT7 stops rather than revving at full throttle throughout. Standard mode can be used anytime other than when operating a PTO driven attachment.

  • Auto/Run 

When switched to auto mode, the rear sander will automatically stop dispersing sand or salt whenever the MT7 stops or is shifted into reverse. This can reduce your material cost/consumption by 50% and decrease the amount of lost time from needing to refill.

  • Variable Flow Sander Control 

The MT7 has a rotary dial flow switch which allows the operator to adjust the flow without getting of the tractor. Not only does this save time but the operator is much more likely to flow rate up and down when it’s just a matter of turning the dial.

  • Anti-Idle 

The Trackless MT7 also saves on fuel cost by not allowing the tractor to sit parked and run for long periods at idle, wasting fuel. The anti-idle, however, does monitor engine temperature so it will not shut the tractor down if it has not reached operating temperature.